A few reasons why your next trip should be in Malta…

We decided to go to Malta on a rainy day in November…Why Malta? Usually, when people ask me this question, I always want to blush a little because there’s nothing to be proud of….
We made that choice because of the price tickets! We only paid 30 euro for the all-round tickets on Ryanair.

I didn’t know anything about the island… And to be honest, I wasn’t so curious about it and I didn’t research a lot about the country before leaving… I was just happy to leave the cold Belgium for a couple days. But I was astonished by what I discovered…

Welcoming and open-minded people

I try to travel whenever I have the time and the money to do so and I’m never complaining about people when I’m traveling. But Malta made me realize how hospitality was essential.
The people we encounter were always polite and they were genuinely happy to help us.
I will never forget that waiter in a good restaurant of Marsaloxx who was smiling when he saw how happy we were tasting the amazing fish.
Or that girl, working for ecabs who did everything she could to help us find my wallet when I thought I had lost it.
It’s really the small gestures of people that make a trip beautiful and worth remembering. This type of human connection makes me feel like the world is a bubble of love & peace. 🙂

Breath-taking views

Malta is an archipelago of Islands : the sea is always close and it makes almost every spot worth the view. There were times where we couldn’t stop taking pictures because of how beautiful everything was and we really had to remind ourselves to stop and stare…

Diversity of cultures
This island has been inhabited by so many people throughout the time that it’s hard to know how Maltese people look like. Whenever we were talking to people, we were always wondering if the person was Maltese or not. We were always trying to guess people’s ethnicity : is he from Malta? From Arab descent? From the Balkans? Italian?? And we really couldn’t tell because people were a mix of everything. It was really pleasant to be in such a diverse place and it forced me to stop trying to label people.

British influence
I’m not going to lie, it was very convenient to be able to express ourselves in English with absolutely everyone. No matter their education level, people could speak English and it made everything easier.

Even in winter (we were there in January), the nightlife is crazy. There are a lot of people in the streets of Sint Julian and they all want to have fun. We barely slept during this trip.

My trip to Malta was really successful! The only thing I regret is how uneducated I was about this place. It’s a piece of European jewelry and it’s worth the look…

Traveling allows me to take time to reflect, feel blessed and contemplate the greatness of our world. Please, if you have the means to do it, book your trip to Malta!

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